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Just wanted to share….

…. a completely non-writing-related post of news.  I am a semi-avid gardener, growing herbs mostly, but also flowers, potted hedges, a living rock, a venus fly trap, vegetables and fruits (strawberries, mostly). Recently, my greenhouse harbouring my green friends against the frost and ice of a Canberra winter has been besieged, attacked and, to put it plainly, eaten by aphids.

After much tears, tantrums and uprooted plants (mainly carrots and lettuce), I am proud to say that my greenhouse (and my indoor window sill garden)  are now completely aphid free. Which is good, because it means that I can go back to growing my cauliflower/cabbage/broccoli (cannot remember which one I planted) and not have to worry about them being infested, drained and killed off just before harvest.

Now, if only I could kill off the Cabbage and White Flies eating my indoor plants…


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