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And So It Begins…

There’s a time in every author’s life when an editor must step in and have a look at your work, and decide what needs to be changed for both the good of the story, and the good of the novel (Yes, they are two different things!). This morning I recieved two bits of good news.

One, I have finally (after what amounts to 18 months of waiting since it was first picked up) had an author assigned to The Devil’s Wife. How exciting is that?!

Yes, I am well aware that come her revisions, I’m going to dread it. But hey, there’s plenty of reasons for my to celebrate that part of the waiting game being over.

This brings me to news #2. Being assigned an editor so early means that the release date has moved from May 2011 to March 2011 – two whole months ahead of schedule! Which is amazingly awesome, because it means that my editing won’t be starting during NaNoWriMo – and I’m going to see how well I can write a sequel to The Devil’s Wife during November, come Hell or… well, Heaven. More than likely, what will come is a disastrous plot, but that’s better than the non-plots I have right now.

I had better sign off before I start on a NaNoWriMo rant. Again.

(You can find a link to my editor’s website to the right of this screen.)

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