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The Keri Robe Update

There’s something about the success of a story that kills the writing spirit within you. For example, after receiving acceptance letters, it is hard for me to find a reason to write. After all, I’m going to be in print! Isn’t that enough?

But the problem is, that isn’t nearly enough. There’s more than one book inside me, but since I got my acceptance letters, those books have become lost.

I’ve settled for rewriting my Family Legends trilogy/series out, which has, of course, re-introduced me to Keridwen, my quirky heroine who thinks she can save the world. With her comes her husband, Thor, and her family: Kyna, Aquene and Boudica Iceni (if that last name seems familiar, Boa destroyed London and a couple of other English Roman towns in 60/61 AD with only a handful of Celtic warriors – the Romans were a laughingstock for centuries after that, couldn’t show its face in a bar for months).

And, with Keridwen, came the drive for me to create her dress and her robes, which will hopefully be enough to keep, at the least, my hands busy.

Well, this morning I sewed the last of the dress (all hand-sewn and home-made). Which means, when I get my extra pay next week, I should have enough money to start gathering the black material for Keridwen’s robes.

Black? I hear you cry, Way to go Hogwarts on us.

Admittedly, it is a bit Hogwarts. However, as Keridwen is a Death goddess (the one that gives way to the grim Reaper come Romanticism), and her human-self is an Egyptian, fire-wielding nutbag Elf (half-blood human/Salamander) who gains her energy through heat, this colour is an excellent choice.

I’d show you a picture of the dress, but the picture I have is not of the finished product – I removed part of it when I started to sew it, and I think it looks better without it.

So, until the robe is finished, you’ll all have to wait and see what’s going down. However, I can reveal that I also bought silver thread for the embroidery around (dear god) the hem of the robe, the ends of the sleeves, the hood opening and the flaps that fasten on the robe.

And it’s all going to be hand-sewn.

Good Lords and Ladies above, what have I got myself into?


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