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Shadows and Light

For all the magic that exists in the world, there is always Shadows and Light. You can’t have one without the other, it’s true, but the Shadows don’t have to be everything.

Everyone has Shadows and Light. My Light has always been my writing and my books, the two things that stopped me finishing high-school in grade 8 (and not because I’d quit school). It’s allowed me to find the most wonderful friends, to find me the most powerful force behind my writing anyone could find.

But, with Light comes Shadows. I have a friend who is very depressed. Before July this year, I would have called her my muse and my writing force, but she told me that she no longer wanted those positions, and almost completely walked away from me and my life.

As a result, my writing has suffered massively. I can’t stick to an idea for long enough to write it down. I can’t stick to writing itself for more than an hour or two before I quit. I last a little longer when I write longhand through my University classes, but even then, by the end of the third hour, I give up and read under the desk.

Shadows and light make up my world, but her world seems to be all Shadows. It has been for how long I’ve known her, but I used to kid myself that I was a star in my Night Goddess’s life, able to make her laugh and smile.

I’d forgotten how far the Shadows had crept in on her this morning. She was drinking at 9am (and, even from someone whose family is alcoholics, that’s early when you’re not camping). She was saying she wished she hadn’t promised not to cut herself to relieve it all. She let the Shadows really show themselves to me for the first time in months.

But, with Shadows comes Light. I can’t say it was me that calmed her down, but I do know that I think I helped her a little. Enough so that I wasn’t worrying (too much) about her when I went to watch a movie and she said she was going to read.

For all she’s beautiful and wonderful, my Night Goddess spends all her time in the Shadows. But I’m going to help her see the Lighter things of the world if it kills me. Do you know why? Because I love her, and I don’t want to lose her any more than I already have. My Night Goddess is an amazing, wonderful woman, and I’m going to do everything I can to help her find the sunrise at the end of her perpetual Night.


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