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A Lesson in Human Nature

Originally published 25/9/2010 on an online forum.

Way back when homophobic attitudes (and most modern religions) were formed, the human population was relatively small compared to its current standards (I mean pushing 100mil as opposed to 7bil). Now, here are my theories towards human bahaviours:

Survival: Back then, to have two people of the same gender sleeping together exclusively (such as in most relationships today, gay or straight), must create life, or the human race would (it was percieved) die out. Two boys cannot create life, so that was ruled out, taboo’d and squashed wherever nessecary. One boy and one girl could create life (theoretically – usually had a higher success rate than the others, anyway ;) ) and so that pairing was encouraged (sometimes forcefully). Two women could not produce life, and so, like gay males, this pairing was squished to the verge of extinction.

Heathens: What two cultures with a support for bi-couples had the most influence on the modern religions (or, really, the first, seeming as the other two are offshoots of it)? Greece and Rome. While not at all supportive of fully-gay couples (Lesbian couples were mere fantasies for the men, I have yet to stumble on evidence that it was encouraged), the Greeks and the (Early) Romans allowed/encouraged relations between soldiers in order to strengthen comrade bonds and make them fight for one another. these soldiers were encouraged/forced to marry women and have children, however, meaning that gay was not the way, but bi was mighty fine.

Religion: If there’s one thing I learned from reading history books, it’s that the Jews/Christians/Muslims hate people having something they can’t have, or that is even essentially different to them. When these religions came to power, they outlawed anything that wouldn’t aid int he expansion of the empire – and how does being gay/bi aid in the empire’s extension? It doesn’t, producing no imperial soldiers from the unions, and so that was blocked off for that reason.

Arranged marriage: Arranged marriages can be likened to a farmer choosing his prime showers to breed, and which ones from that to breed, and so on. In order to maintain the pedigree, any ‘mutant’ or ‘unpure’ genes were disbarred from breeding, or bred only for the beef they provided for the farmer’s plate (think diseases, cancer, ugliness, gays, etc.). Selective breeding goes up the creek if your perfect, many, highly-eligible son is a gay with no attraction to the opposite sex (and thus completing/continuing the bloodline). So what do you do? Beat it out of him and hope his ugly-ass, disease-ridden brother isn’t going to be the one continuing the family line.

Suicide: And what comes out of forcing such relationships on those who don’t want them, and can’t live with them, in a time when divorce was non-existant/taboo? Suicide. The above handsome, smart, rich, desirable, gay son takes his life. What does that leave behind? An ugly-ass, disease-ridden brother who is going to pass his cancerous, mutant genes on to the next generation, causing them to be disgusting and diseased as well. How are you going to stop this? Simple. You put the fear of God into him so that he won’t even think about killing himself and will reluctantly allow himself to be married off and produce children, because that’s what you have to do. The gay side of his nature is hidden away, and the taboos of suicide and homosexuality are both squished again.

And then what happens? Then comes the 21st century and all these young whipper-snappers doing away with all these things that have built the human race up to its planet-choking, art-making peak, and doing them in a way that can’t help but pull the hackles up of all the people who have been groomed in one (or more) of the old ways. There’s not going to be a lack of homophobia until all the old ways are erradicated. BUT that could pretty much doom the human race. After all, if suddenly all these girls go around kissing other girls, and not so many giving their bodies to the men to make babies in (hahaha), human population is going to dip dramatically (except those who can access IVF, that is). Gay males will aid in the fall of population, as they will have to adopt, they won’t be able to have children themselves (except via IVF, again)/there won’t be any unplanned pregnancies to fuck them around up the population again.

Maybe we should have the Greenies advocating for homosexuality XD What a campaign…

“Go Gay And You’ll Save The Planet!”

But point #6: Jealousy. Regardless of what women think, it’s still a highly-patriarchal world out there. And men feel threatened by gays, as they’re not so comfortable of them perving on them (after all, most gay sex hurts/burns/whatever XD). If all the pretty, young, highly-fertile girls are running around screwing/kissing one another, they’re never going to get laid. If he never gets laid, his ego will fall dead. And if that were to happen, he’d get really shitty and pissed off with all the people who have soemthing he can’t – namely, all the gays around the world getting laid right this minute while he isn’t.

Until all this stuff’s cleared up, I’m sorry, guys, but we’re Sisyphus here.


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