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Book Plugging!

 4 days since I last updated – I figured I’d add another post to the long list, and add a book recc. or 3.

I bought a new book today. Lauren Kate’s Torment. I haven’t opened it yet, owing to the fact that it wasn’t the book I pulled from the bag first (I admit, I also bought Kirsten White’s Paranormalcy too, which I’m recommending you all read. Noticing a theme?) but I know it’s going to be a very good book.

After all, its predecessor, Fallen is one of the 3 books I can read over and over when I have nothing else to do. It’s just soemthing about Daniel, Luce, Arianne and Gabbie that draws me in and makes me want more. And I totally want to know why the four of them are in reform school. What’s this about Trevor? Was it arson, or was it the shadows? *dun dun duuuuuh*

I definately recommend you buy them and read them, if you love fallen angel stories. The same can be said of Becka Fitzpatrick’s Hush, Hush. I liked it so much I bought two copies of Hush, Hush – admittedly, the first one I bought was misprinted, but that makes it worth more to me. Patch is just 100% bad-ass fallen angel. Can’t wait for #2 to come out next month.


I’d also like to tack on the end of the post, for those of you following it, my Keridwen dress’s belt has been embroidered, and attached to the body of the dress. The dress is officially complete. Just the robe to go now.

I don’t know when I’ll actually wear it, but I’m thinking that summer’s coming, and a black robe with an Egyptian dress will merely seem like a project for a class. Gods know there are enough weirdos around campus for it not to stick out!

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