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A Very Potter Insight…


So I was watching the trailer for the HP7.0 movie, and I realised that something doesn’t add up in the ending of the book. The Elder wand is transferred when the wielder is defeated, yeah? So wouldn’t Voldie be the real wielder of the wand? Okay, Harry gave himself up, fine and dandy, maybe that helps. But still, Voldie killed him (even if the rotten brat didn’t stay dead). That’s a defeat. One could argue that harry defeated Voldie through the cunning use of the Train Station Limbo Manoeuvre (*snort of laughter*), but I don’t see how. Both of them stood up fine and dandy. This still means, in the end, that the wand is now Voldie’s and the end of DH makes no sense/is all BS/your pick.

Now, if the defeat was faked because harry gave himself up (yeah. because being DEAD is never a defeat *rolls eyes*), that would also mean that the Elder wand’s ‘undefeatability’ is total BS, owing to the breathing Mr Potter seen in the end of the book. That would make the thing Dumbly died for completely hocus, which is Not Good. Also means that Voldie wouldn’t have needed the wand for evil deeds, owing to it being USELESS, and so the dark power he was searching for was in himself (Oh, good one, Ms Rowling. You so punny).

But, either way, the wand should be useless to Harry, and thus denying him the defeat of Voldie.


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  1. Hmm… Interesting, but I thought Harry was the last horcrux, and Voldemort destroyed not Harry but the horcrux, throwing Harry out of his body in the process. So Voldemort wasn’t really defeating Harry, he was defeating himself – meaning, that the Elder wand’s ‘undefeatability’ stands.
    Did I miss something?

    Failing that, it’s the sort of deus ex machina that arises from the use of magic in storytelling which allows for clauses to be added to the magic as you go along.

    Comment by Iona | October 10, 2010

    • Ah, but you see, Harry still ended up in Limbo, which is still defeat, even if only temporary.

      Also, I wonder what the world would be like if Harry had got on that train. Two voldies in two bodies? Imagine the possibilities…

      I hate those kind of clauses…

      Comment by Holly Hunt | October 10, 2010

      • Yes, I agree, they’re just so awfully convenient aren’t they?!

        Comment by Iona | October 10, 2010

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