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Powderfinger – Sunsets Tour

So I just got home from my first ever concert, how cool is that? Powderfinger were awesome! I knew more songs than I thought I did, managing only to not-know 4 each for Powderfinger and Jet, the suppourting act. There were lazers, crazy cat calling (me), whistling (me again), screams (me a third time) and lots and lots of clapping along!

Did I mention that my favourite song is ‘My Happiness’? Any one want to guess  which song got the most rousing cheer? My Happiness :) Awesome. I recorded the crowd singing, it was so awesome. they should have done it for the encore, but instead they did ‘These Days’, my 2nd favourite. So they’re forgiven.

Seriously, they might not be the most showy of bands, but I think they’re awesome. 4 1/2 out of 5 stars.

Something that could have been done better was organising the leaving, which took us 25mins to move 5m, and we were far away from the event itself. But, on the way out of the ACT something funny happened to us.

We sat at the lights and the car in front of us thought it had turned green and sped through. when we pulled up next to him at the next set of lights, the following conversation took place:

MATE: He’s a bad driver!
ME: We know!
OTHER DRIVER: You don’t know me!
ME: *giggles*
OTHER DRIVER: You’re not my real mum!

Sharon and I proceeded to burst into laughter as him and his 2 mates sped off in the opposite direction (the light was actually green this time). That was the best part of the night, I think :)

Time for bed, I think. Night, people.


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