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October 2010 Devil’s Wife Competition

Here we are again, opening up the competition for a set of Devil’s Wife memorabilia. Winners for this month will recieve:

  • a Devil’s Wife fridge magnet
  • a Devil’s Wife t-shirt
  • a Devil’s Wife notebook
  • and a copy of The Devil’s Wife upon its paperback release, signed by me

So, this month’s challenge:

Who would you rather meet: Azrael (King of Limbo), Lucifer (King of Hell), or Jehovah (King of Heaven) and why? You can be as honest or as zany as you want. The best answer will recieve this month’s goody bag.

So, set to it! Their profiles are just above, under ‘Character Profiles’, ready for your reading.

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  1. I would rather meet Azrael, as he is the most cultured, and of all the Kings the least likely to judge you for the things you say as Limbo is neither here nor there :)

    Comment by Iona | October 15, 2010

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