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NaNo Update

So, NaNo 2010 is a sequel to The Devil’s Wife (which is probably not going to be published, owing to the desire not to destroy Lucifer and Clarissa like I am), and it’s going okay – almost at 20,000 words (aiming to get it to 70k by the end of the month). As a special treat, I’ll leave you with a small snippet of The Angel’s Brother – Brought to you by a divorce, an inter-Realm fight and a desire to see Lucifer again :)


Anyse Dearborne

“You don’t know shit, mum!” I screamed, stalking towards the front door. “If I wanted your advice, I’d ask for it!”

“Anyse, please, just listen to me!” my mum pleaded, standing between me and the door. “That boy is bad news! The police have picked him up twice for using drugs, his education is non-existent, and he’s not going anywhere in life! Please, just forget about him!”

I shook my head, shoving her out of the way. She hit the table in the entry hall, but I didn’t care. I reefed the door open, almost from its flimsy hinges, and marched out into the night, my heavy boots echoing on the sidewalk. I ignored my mum calling me back inside. Instead, I settled my gun more snugly on my hip and walked down the street.

If there was one thing anyone could call me and get away with, it was a bounty hunter. I captured my marks, bringing them back to my employers for a fee. Each of the piercings on my body was worth two captures; twenty got me a tattoo.

I had two tattoos and eleven piercings. I was good.

In fact, I was the best in Europe.

“Anyse Dearborne.”

I whirled around, gun out of holster, safety off, aiming at the approaching figure, both eyes open. “Who goes there?”

The figure stepped into the light. I didn’t relax.

“Lucifer. I found that rogue angel for you. We’re done.”

The blonde man shook his head, moving his hand. My gun vanished, replaced with a water pistol. I growled, throwing the plastic thing to the ground, and slipping the knife out from its sheath between my breasts.

“We are not done, Anyse. I need your services again.”

“I don’t need your money.”

“I’m not offering you money.”

The knife slipped from my hand, and I snatched at it, trying to catch it again. It suddenly reversed, and I squeaked as it buried itself tip-first into my chest. I folded, collapsing to my knees, holding my hands to my chest.

“I am offering you your life. Bring me my son alive, and you will survive.” The blue-eyed man smiled, pressing his hand to my injured chest. “For every day it takes you to bring him to me, you’ll get weaker and find it harder to breathe.” He smiled, but it didn’t reach his eyes. The knife in my chest became transparent, but I could still feel it, grating on my ribs and causing me pain.

“How do you expect me to catch an angel when I’m weak and in pain?” I demanded, struggling to my feet.

Lucifer’s eyes narrowed. “I don’t like you, Anyse. I have never liked you. But you are the best in the world at what you do.” He stood up, leathery red wings sprouting from his shoulders.

“Find my son. Bring him to me, and you will live.”

The old Devil flapped his wings and flew up into the night.

“Fuck you, Lucifer Morningstar!” I screamed after him, but there was no answering reply.


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