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I also find it funny that people don’t consider faith in science a belief. Last years I started this exact debate, and fought it out with a gril who refused to see the light. Science depends on you trusting in what you see to be truth (ie, experiment results, theories), in the idea that everything started somewhere (ie, Big Bang), and in that there is something bigger than you dictating everything in the universe (scientific theory, anyone?). It revolves around a standard set of beliefs passed down from generation to generation (gravity, sunlight, rain, etc.) and relies on people interpreting evidence to see the light. People are becoming more Scientist than Christian/Muslim/Hindi/Jew/Shinto/etc. today, but they don’t realise they’re facing a belief system here (with all the same problems, were they to try to erradicate it).

After all, if someone were to come along and break apart Newton’s Law, find new evidence and present it to the world, wouldn’t that be the same as a clergyman standing up in front of their mass and saying they’ve re-interpreted Jesus’ address to the Israelites, and that you should all believe him, or read it for yourself and work it out that way too?

Let’s break this down into a table:

Miracles are… Chance Wondrous
Everything started with… Big Bang Theory God said ‘Go!’
… dictates the universe Physics God
Truth is found in… Experiments Religious texts
Sacred texts are… Scientific Laws Bible, Qur’an, Tora, etc.
Standard beliefs passed down include… Evaporation, gravity, the world is round Do unto others as you would have done unto you, etc.
Leader of the ‘church’ is… Stephen Hawking Pope, etc.
New information is relayed through… Scientists Priests, Rabbis, etc.
You find new information through… Interpreting evidence Interpreting the texts
Belief system has led to… Technology Morals
Do we understand the universe better? No No
Relies on belief? Yes – evidence from experimentation is right Yes – evidence from interpretation is right
Believes in radical thinking? No – set rules apply No – set scriptures apply


So the next time you ridicule someone for insane beliefs, consider that science is a belief too.


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