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What I Do In My Spare Time

I know it’s dorky of me, but I just finished beating the Elite Four and the Champion of the Sinnoh region (ie, Pokemon Pearl). It’s not really all that much of an achievement, but it took me 3 weeks of saving the game, challenging, failing, turning off, turning on, challenging, beating, saving, challenging, failing, turning off, turning on, challenging, failing, turning off, turning on, challenging, failing, turning off, turning on, using TMs, challenging, failing, turning off, turning off, using different TMs, challenging, beating, saving, challenging, failing…

Where was I? Oh yes. It took me 3 weeks of that before I could get to Cynthia, and another 4 days before I could beat her.

I think such persistance owes me a reward. I think, as a prize, I shall go back to rewriting Creature Comforts (Thinking of changing the title) so I have something to use my Free Book code on before June 31.

Oh, and I also just had a running-waterfight with the husky. My objective was achieved. She went from lying about, almost dead from the heat, to a game of tag with my kelpie. I’m soaking wet too, because I dunked my head in the bucket to cool off. Ah, summer, here I come!


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  1. Awww, that’s a shame – you’re supposed to buy heaps of crap so you don’t use your money up and just keep going despite the blackouts because your pokémon keep getting experience points. So the weaker pokémon you put to the front of the pack trade them out when the battle starts and they get a high level of experience points. It also gives you time to figure out what pokémon is best for defeating which other pokémon, like ice type vs winged. Not that I’ve spent a lot of time playing pokémon… :P

    Comment by Iona | December 8, 2010

    • I used to do that, but the actual battles themselves bore me, I’d rather explore. Which is why I enjoy Pokemon Dungeon better.

      No, you’ve totally never played a game of pokemon in you rlife.

      Comment by Holly Hunt | December 8, 2010

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