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Devil’s Wife update

I don’t think there’s anything quite as daunting and stomach-churning as clicking the ‘send’ button on an email, knowing that this is your last-ever chance to change anything in the book befoe it’s completely out of your hands and there’s nothing you can do now.

That’s what I did this morning.

The Devil’s Wife is officially out of my hands. I quadrouple-checked the 400-character family tree I have with all the characters of this particular universe on it, and read the book twice, just to make sure there weren’t any typos in it (by the second read-through, I was starting to fall asleep – oh dear!) and made sure my corrections were all spelled correctly, the formatting was right…

And then I hit the button.

Now all I’m waiting for is that lovely thing called ‘cover art’ to appear in my inbox so I can smack myself and convince myself that no, it’s all true. I’ll have a book out in 6 weeks.

It’s very scary, I tell you. I can’t even remember what I requested (not that they’re obliged to listen to me) but I think it was Lucifer and Clarissa’s dance scene. But I don’t want to get my hopes up, even if the art of the other books I’ve checked out is awesome.

There is a 100% chance of tears. 50% chance they’re accompanied by a scream and 49% chance they’re accompanied by open-mouthed shock.

Yeah. I can’t wait now! March 01, get here already!

January 19, 2011 - Posted by | Writing

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