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Valentines’ Day…What’s that?

So what’s this holiday-thing coming up today? I haven’t heard anything about it, haven’t seen anything about it in the shops. Must just be a small thing, right? One culture, one day, spending time with their loved ones, right?

Nuh uh. Today is Valentines’ Day, the day I like to call ‘International Romance Writers’ Day’. I guess it’s kind of ironic that the hate I have for this holiday stems from the complete lack of an other-half around this time of the year. And that The Devil’s Wife is being billed as a Paranormal Romance (That’s right, it’s up against all those vampire stories you see girls tottering around reading *hides own vampire collection*), which means that, come March 7th, I’m officially a Romance Writer.

God help me now.

But I guess what that means is that Valentines Day applies to me in one way now, instead of both of its functions completely passing me by as it has every year. I can celebrate Romance Writers’ Day, even if I don’t like being labelled a Romance writer (Devil’s Wife is an Urban Fantasy, I swear!), right? I should get like a card or something for that…

Maybe this year Valentines Day won’t supply me with an excuse to put my head in the oven, should I wish it. But I’m not betting on it.

Happy Valentines/Romance Writers’ Day, guys!

Oh, and one more thing: Head over to TK’s Blog read the articles on The Devil’s Wife being posted today and tomorrow, comment, and you go into the running for a few little freebies, including a free pdf copy of the book. Isn’t that a great Valentine’s Day gift to you all?


February 14, 2011 - Posted by | Competitions, Writing

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