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Dreams and Characters

Sometimes it’s easy to tell dreams from reality, but how do you go about seperating the dreams from the characters floating in your head?

I just woke up from a fairly frustrating dream. I was a writer in and amongst my own characters. i can’t remember much of it, but there was a Lamborghini Gallardo (my favourite car *grin*) with an attitude problem, a witch who was just a bitch, and this good-looking, platnium-haired guy named Oldwood (said Ol’wood) that I was getting really annoyed about.

What was I getting annoyed about? Well, Oldwood was wandering around trying to seduce the bitch witch. I’m behind my podium trying to work out why he’s doing not what I tell him. one of the other characters comes up and asks me what’s wrong.

Char: What’s got you all pissed off, then?

Me: *points at Oldwood* He’s not that I remember.

Char: What do you remember? He looks fine to me.

Me: No he’s not fine. And you want to know why? Because when I first met him, Oldwood wasn’t a person. he was a Realm!

For some readon, that fact really annoyed me. Then I woke up and found I had a numb hand. Yay!

Moral of the story: Dreams suck…


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