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Keridwensson Family Tree

Once again, I’m stuck for what to write. All my current WIPs have steam-rolled into a great pile of nothing. My WIP file now holds 27 projects, with a collective wordcount of something in the vicinity of 750,000 words (if what they say about needing to write 1 000 000 words before you get to anything good is true, I’m definately there by now!).

What do i do to find something to keep my mind from blowing up during the Time of the Great Word Droughts?

Say hello to the Family Tree (scroll down the page to see how it’s broken down – gods, angels, elementals, humans, twins, dragons…).

This is almost a list of the characters that exist in my Family Legends universe (You know, the first story I ever wrote that went over 10k. And then got all but binned for the fact it’s unsalvageable, like most first stories. 350,000 words down the drain there…).

That universe includes (somehow I managed to find the connections) the family tree of the Devil’s Wife and it’s Never-Going-To-Be-Published sequel, and it’s got a few of the characters from my Blood Moon book on it too (Go on. Look haaarder…).

I really need a better waste of time, I think. 391 characters might be getting a bit much…


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