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Flash Fiction – Jophrael

Qui’rk Solar glared down at the creature prostrating itself at his feet. In one swift movement, Qui’rk kicked the thing across the room. Sligr hit the wall with a slimy thud, bones creaking as he hit the ground.

This is not the way, Sligr, Qui’rk said, sitting calmly on his throne and glaring at the thing. Your efforts to destory my kingdom have landed you here, at my feet, amongst my guards. At sword-point, no less.

Sligr quivered in the puddle that was his slug-body, staring at the guardsmen that had surrounded him.

No! It was not me! I have been faithful, always!

The cockroach Qui’rk stood up, his sceptre in his right hands. I wonder why I do not believe you?

The slug quivered, awaiting the verdict. With a nod of his head, the spider-guards plunged their hooked hands into the slug’s body, ripping and tearing. Qui’rk didn’t look away until the mess stopped moving.

Clean that up. We have a party to get to.

The spider-guards nodded as one, their spindly legs gathering up the remains of the slug and darting off into the darkness of the corners to feed. With barely a shiver of disgust, Qui’rk turned to look out of his window, down on the kitchen garden that was his kingdom.

Hunting time…


March 24, 2011 - Posted by | Writing

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