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The Key to World Peace

I think I have discovered the Key to World peace today. Well, one of them anyway.

I was sitting out in my garden, having ripped the shelves out of the door of my newest fridge-garden (yes, it took me 3 weeks to do it, leave me alone) and examining the wounds from that war (three, each drawing blood, two on the right hand, one on the left) and just decided to sit and watch the plants. It’s sunny, there’s a light breeze, and I was covered in blood, dirt and water.

I’ve decided that if everyone in the world spent just an hour out in a garden once a week, on breezy, sunny days (I call them half-days, where half of you burns and half of you freezes), I think everyone would find themselves just chilling out and looking forward to that time alone (no kids and no pets – just you and the plants [and a couple of snails dying slowly from eating the snail bait] out in the sun).

I think that would solve the problem of humanity’s addiction to war. I know it would be hard to grow things in Lybia and Egypt and such, but it can be done (human life has existed there for thousands of years, after all, even before trade and agriculture came into play). If you’re feeling pissed-off, go out in the graden and a, turn over some more dirt for a new bed, or b, get in there and really give those weeds a going-to.

And if you still feel like killing something after all the weeds and grass and snails and grubs and other organisms you’ve killed, there’s always Modern Warfare.


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