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Looking Back

Life was so different at this time last year. I didn’t realise just how different time has made my life until I stopped and thought about it.

This time last year, I was attending every class, no holds-barred, and aceing every assignment. This year, if I make it to 2 of my 6 classes (which is one tute and one lecture) every week, I’m doing great.

This time last year, I’d had one publishing house accept my work, and then go under. This year, I’ve had two books released, with a third due out some time over the coming seasons.

This time last year, while he was still a lot sick and looked pretty miserable, my grandfather, Brian McAuliffe, was still with us. He died a week before his birthday, on May 10th. The last time I visited his grave was in January, where I put some of my ancient Egyptian research into practice. Yes, that does mean I had a conversation with him, shared a museli bar with him and, yes, played cards with him. Which is, honestly, more than I ever voluntarily did when he was still breathing.

This time last year, I was very focussed on a person I loved and called my friend. Since then, we’ve drifted, and I haven’t talked to her much lately.

This time last year, I wasn’t very focussed at all. Now, I have 3 stories kicking their ways out of my brain, and a pokemon game I’m working hard to win (as always). I’ve promised myself pokemon before bed, in exchange for an hour of writing every morning. It’s a good compromise, and so far, it’s working. Writing was once the focus of all my attention. It’s taken a back seat for a while, but now, I’m back into it.

This time last year, I was driving around in an old car (and not old in a cool way) that couldn’t do more than 100 if your foot was flat to the floor on a downhill run. Now, it’s a little better, but I’m a speedfreak who gets annoyed at slow drivers.

This time last year, I weighed just short of 100kg (or there-abouts). Now, though I weigh only a little less, I’m going o the gym and trying hard to lose the weight. So far, it’s working.

In the last 12 months, I’ve met some awesome authors, who are willing to take the time to talk to you if you ask. I’ve yet to meet someone who has read one of my books (without me holding them at knife-point, anyway) but I’m determined to find one. Surely there’s even just one out there?

A lot can change in a year. What’s changed for you?


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  1. Yeh, a lot has changed for me as well. Last year I lost an outstanding doctor. He moved to a University to teach which is good for future doctors, but not for me. I found myself in the hospital, not once but twice. Today I feel better, no hospital stays, a new doctor, who sounds like he knows what he’s doing and a new novel about half finished. Life moves one!

    Comment by Allison Knight | April 12, 2011

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