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Birthday Post

Birthday parties suck. Remind me never to have another one. My 21st reminded me of why I stopped having parties when I was 5 – because no one shows up.

It might sound whiney, but it’s true; if it weren’t for facebook, my birthday wouldn’t have been remembered at all except by a few family members. Which is just sad. Sad and terrible and has been the norm since I was old enough to understand what a birthday party was.

Out of the dozen-or-so people I invited to dinner/out drinking on Thursday night, only 2 people showed up. Proves just how popular I am, doesn’t it. And those people I invited weren’t even my age, all of them were at least 15 years older than me! Makes me wonder if birthdays are really worth all the hastle – And I’m not meant to feel like that until at least my 30s!

Gah. Being me sucks big time. Remind me to ‘forget’ to mention my birthday ever again.


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