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During a general Google search of his own name (I mean, who hasn’t done that??), Joe found himself on this site as #87 in a list of Top 100 bestsellers for the last 30 days. While, for some people, that might not be much to crow about, Joe’s ecstatic – says that might just guarantee a royalty cheque from the publisher this quarter.

(“Greedy bugger, hey?” ~ Holly)

(“Sod off.” ~ Joe)

While we’re on the subject of random Google-ing, Holly would like to point out her disappointment that, at GoodReads, The Devil’s Wife has only got a 3.33 rating, while Blood Lovers has a 4.0.  Come on, people, we can do better than this! Log onto Amazon.com or any other bookish site and leave a review (even only one or two lines long) for either book – otherwise, if Blood Lovers outclasses Devil’s Wife, Holly’s gonna kill Joe.

(“Of course, you’re all invited to watch.” ~Holly)

(“Yeah, because that’ll make them vote. They would love to see you kill me!” ~Joe)

(“I know that, Joe, and I have one word for you: Muahahaha.” ~Holly)

(“Here’s my word for you, Hol: Eep.” ~Joe)


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