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No sooner had I put down the first draft of Dust to Dust, intending on doing an assignment that’s due on Tuesday, than a story from my past reared its ugly head, crowing for a more flattering rewrite.

The Boy From The Shadows is a short story I wrote for a competition, about bullying and teen suicide. It’s 2,000 words long, but always had the potential to end up one of those teen-fic stories that ends up on library shelves, picked up by teachers and smushed into the faces of their students as they try and show the consequences of bullying. Not that I mean to write it for that – Tye’s just being increadibly vocal about wanting his time in the sun. Before I shoot him up with fun drugs and shove him off the rafter, that is.

Which is great, you know, more power to the characters, I could do with more like him. I just wish he could have held off for 2 weeks, until all my assignments were done and dusted. It’ll only take me a couple of weeks to write his story, they just have to be the right couple of weeks. Say, the ones where I’m on holiday.

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