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Well, the time has finally come. The last T is dotted and the last I is crossed, and Holly and Joe are now officially on uni vacation.

(“Because it looks like we go to uni with that kind of intelligence. ‘Cross the Is and dot the Ts’, indeed…” ~Joe

“Shut up.” ~Holly)

The formidable writing duo has already begun their next project, and will be working hard (“Hardly working, you mean.”~Joe. “I said shut up, boy-wonder.”~Holly) on this series of books (“Expected finishing time: 2055. Ow, what did you hit me for?”~Joe) for the next few months. An extract can be found in the pile of snippets to the right, under “The Gods: Time”. This is the opening scene of the series, and as far as we can read, we think it’s going to be a great read.

So join in the fun, Watch the gods kill each other, and see the world reach its terrifying conclusion: World War 3: The War of Faith. Keep an eye out on this spot (or subscribe so you don’t miss anything) and we’ll share some good tomes (and great passages!).

~H & J


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