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It interrupts a lot of things. For example, my university timetable is going to slash Thursdays off my ‘I can work’ days again (Boy, will Gino be happy). My work for extra money is going to interrupt my time with Matt. My university won’t actually effect my time with Matt, unless I have to start working Saturdays – which is entirely possible, even if I don’t like it. Then work will cut into Matt time, and poof. Every time I turn around, a slice of Matt time goes out the window. My extra work means that I’m not going to spend any time with him for almost three weeks – grr…

Yeah, here I am complaining about not seeing him while he’s in the hospital. 4 hours away. Grrrr… Luckily, he can breathe by himself, now that his throat’s stopped swelling and has begun to shrink a little.

Yeah. I’m muttering on about my love life. I figure I haven’t done that enough.

Anywho. I’ve submitted Blood Moon to a publisher, started a new story at Matt’s bedside and signed the contract for Dust to Dust. I’m likely to begin a rewrite on Family Legends within a couple more months, and will drag my way through edits, rewrites and curses. Just have to find the right paranormal to cover in my story – Gods and weres are getting a bit over-done in my backshelf!


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