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Vamps and Weres

There’s much to be said of the old-fashioned version of the vampire. A refined old and poised man, dressed sharply and culturally in robes and pointed shoes. Men who drank blood by the barrel out of a wine glass.  Transylvanian accents, ghost horses, savage killers with a veil of civility. The calm, cultured man who becomes a beast in the night, sneaking into the rooms of virgins and making off with them, hypnotised and happy to go. The man with three brides, who can crawl down a wall and sleeps in a coffin.

There’s much to be said of the old vampire. I find myself wishing for the likes of Dracula more and more these days, as the teen-angst-sobstory vampire becomes more and more integrated into the pop culture of the day.

And the worst? They’re doing it to werewolves as well. That is definately a no-no, people. Vampire teens? Okay. No probs, can’t stop you now. but teen wolves? Man, that’s just closeted pedophilia. Leave the wolves alone, peeps. Let them be the animals they are. They’re fun when they’re the savages they were bred to be.

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