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My day off.

And what do I do? I send in an edit for Dust to Dust. I play with this web page for an hour and a half, including some html work. I do some laundry. I start a story. And I decide that I don’t like Dust to Dust’s cover, because it’s pink.

I mean, the other two are black and red, and blue and white. The main colour scheme here is dark. And then boom! Pink cover. Ick. Hate pink.

Also, I can’t wait until Blood Moon is re-accepted for publishing. Then I’ll have a 4th cover to slip into my little grid-square thing up there, and make the page even.

Also, Dust to Dust’s cover is pink. In case I haven’t mentioned it before, I hate pink.

Yep. I’m a busy little complaining bee, me :)


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