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Twister & Night

Currently darting their ways through the pages of my latest notebook are the pixie Twister and the wolf-man Night, along with the fairy Stagis, Twister’s brother Target, and an unknown foe happy to turn catastrophies-in-the-making like Medusa’s Blood on the world.

So far, Belenus the hunter-god has died by Medusa’s Blood, as has a fox-man Vixidus and a few feline-men. Stagis has had his wings removed forcibly (much swearing was had). Night has ended up on the wrong side of Twister’s magic (as has Twister). So far, it’s a fantasy unlike any you’ve ever heard of before – and soon along will come Goblins, an arrogant elf knight who will die in a terrible way, and a couple of alce – wingless griffins. That’s not to mention all the dryads, pegusi and other magical weirdos running around.

Oop, excuse me. Twister’s calling. She just walked into a strange village fleeing Stagis and Target.

Fun abounds…


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