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Who out there would like to read about a woman in ancient Minoan society working her way up from a refugee into the Queen of the whole civilisation? Who would want to read about her struggles when it comes to keeping her family safe from the world, in a time when war was a part of life? Would anyone care to read a story about an elemental afraid of her heritage and terrified of her powers?

Europa’s Tale (working title) is a story that links into my Family Legends series, though is more an off-shoot than anything else. I haven’t really touched it since my first writing of it back in 2006, and now Europa’s finally stepped forward to tell me she thinks I can do her story justice (which would be better than the barely-50k words her last story recieved) and turn her into a fighting-force of narration on kin with what I percieve The Devil’s Wife to be (which, you know, I thought was awesome until people started reviewing it) and full of kick-assery, sword fights and a quest to find out just why Zeus decided to turn her into one of the many mothers of his children.

Stay tuned for updates on Europa’s Tale. Because if there’s one universe in my stories I will continue through to the end of its currently-at-a-collective-300k-words end, it’s The Family Legends. Go Europa!


In other news, Dust to Dust is avaliable now from CarnalPassions.com, and will hopefully be up soon on Amazon.com. Just follow the linkies :)


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