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Monday Madness: Lori Witt

First of all, thank you for being here. It’s wonderful to be able to chat with you.

Thanks for having me!

Now. Tell us about your books, both past and future. What genre do you write in, what common elements do you find in your works, and where would you suggest a prospective reader start, in terms of your back-log?

I write erotic romance, mostly.  Some of it is hetero (as Lauren Gallagher), some is gay (L. A. Witt), and I’ve dabbled in steampunk, cyberpunk, paranormal, ménage, romantic suspense, you name it.   The stories tend to vary wildly, but you can pretty much expect to find a lot of sex and a lot of snark.

For a reader who’s never read my work, it really depends on what they’re into.  On the L. A. Witt side of the house, I’d suggest something like The Best Man or Rules of Engagement, which are both contemporary romances.  From Lauren Gallagher, if you’re into straightforward contemporary romances, check out Until It’s Over or Disengaged. Want something a little spicier?  Maybe
some BDSM or a ménage? Have a look at Light Switch or Between Brothers (fair warning, Between Brothers is purely erotica, NOT a romance).

Which one is your favourite book, and why? Was it the easiest to write, or the hardest?

Static.  By far one of the most difficult to write, and probably the most rewarding. It’s also the book that’s prompted the most moving e-mails from readers – people who gained a new  understanding of gender identity, sometimes even their own identity. I wasn’t really setting out to convey a message per se, I just needed to process a lot of things I’d learned about gender identity, and the story was kind of a natural progression of that.

What got you into the game of writing? A bet, a challenge…

I’ve always wanted to write, but got serious about it (like, started doing it full time) when I moved to Okinawa. I was writing mostly fantasy up until then, but decided to do a romance for NaNoWriMo in 2008, figuring it would be easier to write quickly than an epic fantasy.  And it was – erotic romances are simpler, don’t require as much world-building, etc. – but I certainly
discovered the genre is plenty challenging.  I also discovered it was my niche, and after writing Camera Shy (my first ever romance) in November 2008, I kept writing them. 30-some-odd books later, I’m still enjoying it.

What do you consider your driving force, when it comes to writing? Wealth, power, name recognisability…

The need for sleep.  My characters won’t let me sleep until I write their stories. And by the time I finish one story, the next batch of
characters is already being mouthy, so it’s kind of an endless cycle.

Describe your perfect world – what’s your Utopia? Can you ever see it becoming a reality? Who would you be most likely to share it with?

My perfect world would be one in which I can backhand stupid people across the face when they let their stupid show.

How would you go about taking over the world?

I would start by infiltrating the consciousness of the masses by way of dirty romance novels. Wait…crap. Um. Scratch that. *cough* Moving on…

One last thing, what advice would you give to aspiring novelists out there?

Write. Write. Write. Then write some more. Be persistent. Keep writing.

There you have it, ladies and gents, Lori Witt!

You can pick up her books at Carnal Passions as Lori Witt and as Lauren Gallagher.

You can visit Lori’s page here.

Next week, we talk to Ute Carbone!

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