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Chainmail update… Not really needed, honestly…

Well, here you are, people, the first installment of my chain mail outfit. It’s tight, it’s itchy, the links keep breaking on me… Honestly, I’m not really all that sure that I like it. It sits exactly the way I thought it would… and that’s the problem. You see, I’m used to having to improvise on my costumes, you know, add here, shift there, change here… And this one doesn’t need any of it.

For those of you curious, this is Europa’s costume. She’s a Sprite who trained with the Spartans in 400BC, and who single-handedly kicked Achilles’s ass after he attacked her home town of Illios (Troy) in 1200BC.

The left sleeve is shorter than the right, to compensate for the fact that the left was usually taken up by a shield in that time – even though she doesn’t use a shield, she has twin swords that she slits peoples’ throats with. Next to come is the chain mail over the skirt, and a belly decoration that doubles as a way to keep the leather skirt from falling off, being so heavy.

The only downside to this design: all the weight hangs from the neck. Awesome. Not yet choking me, but will pretty soon, I can tell.

I just have to work out how to stop the damn links from busting open every time I move. Because that’s the massive problem. If keeping the straps on requires a billion links to stop it coming apart… I’m really going to have to move my ass to get this done by July, aren’t I?

The links are just the frustrating part. Once I work out how to get them to stop opening, I’ll be fine with it.


Wire length used: 275m so far

Links used: 14,587 links

Time spent: 3 months on just the top

Injuries sutained: 4, all to my thumb… hmm…


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