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Happy New Year!

Well, a new year has begun, and the world is, of course, moving forward towards certain doom. Seas will boil, sharks will fly and people will realise that the only true way of defeating the end of the world is by reading fiction. A lot of fiction.

But that’s neither here nor there, really.

Today, January 4, is the day I started my butcher’s apprenticeship in earnest. I spent the say, in order, waking at 3:42am (don’t ask me why. God, don’t ask…), lying around for 3 hours, going to work, making sausages, cleaning, cutting bacon, cleaning, forgetting to serve customers, cutting up chicken, boning out chicken, begrudgingly serving 1 or 2 customers (I mean, really? You want to buy something? How inconsiderate are you?), cleaning, standing around watching the cricket for an hour (Snore), watching Clarke cross 250 runs in a single test (that’s just saaad), complaining to myself about my sore feet and aching knee, driving home, eating a tasy, yummy dinner Matty spent all day cooking (Mmm… potato chips (oven baked, made from scratch) and poooork… *drool*), then sitting down to write a little before i limp off to bed (in about 15 mins. Damn, where does the time go??).

All in all, a rather fun day.

Now, ask me in 2 years if I still think it’s fun. You know, if we survive 2012 and all.

Holly out, peeps. Night all.

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