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And so concludes…

… my first month of full-time work in a long while. It’s kinda sucky, but then, now I’m there 5 days a week instead of 3, I actually know what’s going on. Not to say that It’s easy and the hours are getting easier to deal with  (oh, hell no they ain’t), but I’m saving for a table at Supanova* Sydney (so if you’re going, make sure to TELL ME so I can wrangle you in as help *angelface*) and a new laptop. Because trying to type without using the ‘n’ key is pissing me off. it’s broken so hitting it too hard makes it come off. Also, I wants a new laptop. 4 years is just too old.

Anyway, that’s my updates. When I finally gets my Supanova Sydney table, I will have 3 passes. I will take one, as will Matt. It will be some form of competition for the last (I like the idea of a pie-eating contest. With no hands. Messiness=awesomeness). Let the games begin!


* For those who don’t know what a Supanova is, it’s Australia’s biggest pop culture convention – Am going to sell my books, and hopefully make my money back! 1/2 of the money I’m spending is just on the passes lol. Anyone who wants the pass has to pull lunchtime duty and get us food and drinks. Muahahaha slave.


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