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The very few cunning people around here who have visitied my site would know that I’m currently undertaking an apprenticeship in one of the few essential jobs left that will never be replaced by machines (mainly because said replacees are very good with knives): Butchering.

Yes, a female butcher. Who has attended university. And has 3 novels published, with a couple more on the way.

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one who’s spat their coffee over that particular combination. The woman who signed my up looked insanely intimidated. I thought it was funny.

But, yes, back to my point. Butchers.

Something I’ve learned in the last three years of employment at a butcher’s shop (my, how time draaaags…), is that one, people will tell a butcher anything, like the barbers of old, two, you will never find a crankier set of old buzzards anywhere, and three, they gossip and chat a lot more than any other profession. And 99.5% of them are men!

So if you decide to go with a protagonist next time you write, that’s just a little bit hardened, grouchy and can get any bit of information you want, don’t write about a PI or grizzled detective or such – write about a butcher.


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