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Well, the count…

Well, the countdown’s on for the release of Scale & Feather in October.

Official cover should be released some time soon. Stay tuned for it!


In the land of Thyra, a dragon and a griffin dwell, guarding the Prince of Thyra and his soon-to-be-wife.

But when the Princess-to-be is kidnapped by goblins, the chase leads them into the Baturt Empire, where magic is outlawed, and into he Southern States, where magic is dead.

In their quest to save Taya, Theodore the Griffin and Dacia the Dragon encounter the Mage-prince of the Baturt Empire, the hound-Princess of the Yittisburg Islands, and countless of the feared Mage Hunters, intent on destroying them for daring to exist.

Can Dacia, Theodore, Alyssa and Liam save the magic-users of the Baturt Empire without dying? Can they ensure that the tide of magical hate never makes it to Thyra? And how are they going to find Taya on a continent in so much political and magical turmoil?


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