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At approximately 7:04 am today, this creature, dubbed the ‘Titanus smashalotofus‘ by scientists, was officially sanctioned as the first alien species ever seen by human scientists. The creature, commonly referred to as a ‘snaggler’ or ‘What the hell just broke my ribs?’, is the first living creature to be discovered on Titan one of Saturn’s many moons.

The people who set out on the 35th expedition across Titan’s frozen surface believe ths will be a big find.

“Well, what kind of precident do we have for this, really?” asked one scientist when interviewed. “Finding Aboriginies in Australia? No, sir, this is much bigger, and could have a huge impact on the way the human race sees itself in the universe.”

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In other news, the winner of the Holly Hunt gift pack was Liz Fountain! Congratulations!

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