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Scale & Feather Release

Well, ladies and gents, it’s now only one more month until my 5th book is released, this time from BURST Books. Scale & Feather is a book about a dragon and a griffin; a country of magic and a country of magic-haters; a civil war and the birth of a new nation.

To celebrate the release of this book, every week I’m going to post an excerpt from the book, to give you a taste. So get your reading glasses on (or not, up to you) and check out Scale & Feather – on sale October 2nd!


“Ragond help us,” I muttered. “We’re in Faerie Glade!”

I moved for the edge of the ring, but before I could get there, two lights danced from the trees, right to me. Even as a human, I snapped at them. Like most dragons, I hated Faeries. They were arrogant, self-possessed pranksters who ruled their homes with iron fists. Their greatest ambition was to rule the world, and they would have, had humans not discovered magic.

“Buzz off, fireflies,” I snapped, managing to backhand one away from my face. “I don’t have time to play your stupid games.”

The light I’d hit hissed at me and pulled my hair. The other one sank its teeth into my ear. I yelled at it, then snatched it from its flight path. The Faerie sank its claws between my scales, trying to make me release it. I growled and squeezed tighter, making it cry out in a high-pitched whine. I vaguely noticed Theodore being attacked as well, focusing on the threats to my own flesh first.

“Call your friends off now,” I threatened the Faerie in my hand, “or I’ll pull your wings off.” I squeezed it again to back up my words, and the Faerie squealed again.

“I demand you let my courtier go. Now, dragon.”


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