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Submission Call Season – All Must Go!

What’s the best time to try to get into the industry? When there’s so many submission calls going around that you’re kept busy writing! At the moment, I know of about 6 different submission calls, all for different works. I’ve got them organised in order of who closes first, and I’m tying madly away. Writing prompts are so much better than free-writing, it gives your imagination something to stir!

If you want to find what submission calls are currently going, type ‘submission calls novels’ into Google and grab a pen and paper. Pay close attention to when the calls were posted and any deadline they’re offering – it’s one of the easiest ways to get in on the fun! (It’s even easier when you already have a book that fits a sub-call’s criteria!)

So get out there and search! Or, in my case, get off the internet and get a-typin’!


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