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HTML and me…

I’ve spent the last … 6 hours? Wow… fighting WordPress and html, and (through about 4 different ideas), I’ve finally walked away on top.

Look along the top bar up there. See that “Order Form” link, up there waiting for you to click it? Go on, click it. My books are listed for sale there, along with funny photots of me in a clown costume.

Okay, the costume is a lie. But go click it anyway!

And share! Nothing will get people to my (hesitantly planning) book signing in January if I don’t have people knowing about it! Share, link, love, order lots of books (not nessecarily in that order, though)!

All the books on sale come with a FREE autograph, and lots of love from a starving author. So go have a clicky. You know you want to…


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