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The Holiday Killer – Book Tour Exclusive

“Elizabeth. Here we are again.”

Liz looked at the psychologist, sitting back in his chair, studying her. She was an enigma, one that he loved to try and work out, in the short, bi-weekly sessions that her court order allowed.

“Here we are again.”

“How have you been doing?” he asked, steepling his fingers in front of his lips, his eyes darting over her face.

They’d been playing this game for two years, dancing around every issue she had—or didn’t have. She had found it frustrating to begin with, but then she’d seen the game he was playing. He was determined to out-wait her, she was determined to wear him down until the end of her court-ordered attendance period.

Liz hated the way he studied her, made her feel like a piece of meat, but there was little she could do about it at this point. The smug bastard had been asking the same questions for the last two years, trying to get her to talk about what had happened with Toni.

“Working, fighting with Phil. He filed for divorce the other day. Says he’s going to marry that bitch he left me for, and he wants a clean break.”

“And what do you think of that?” Dr Saunders asked, clearly knowing how she felt about it.

“I think that it’s within my right to stop it, as petty as it is. But I won’t. I’ll be the adult here. He’s moving on. It’s time I did too.”

Dr Saunders nodded, watching her. “In the spirit of moving on, why don’t we talk about what you’re moving on from. Why don’t we talk about Jamie’s death?”

He’d been bringing up Jamie’s murder for the last six months, twice a week, as though thinking she’d eventually break and tell him.

She was getting tired of saying no.

“Or we can talk about Phil. But these sessions won’t end until you come to terms with Jamie’s death.” He waved it off and leaned back, resting his head on one hand. “So if you want to escape as much as your body language is telling me, then I suggest you take it into consideration, Elizabeth.”

Liz stared off into the distance, looking out of the window. Her uniform, crumpled from spending that day at work, smelt faintly of the fire her division had helped put out that afternoon. Arson had become a big thing nowadays. Now that the Holiday Killer was dead and people didn’t fear for their kids so much.

That was the one thing that bastard did for this city, she thought. The fear of him kept hoodlums off the streets.

“Tell me what you’re thinking.”

“I don’t regret doing it,” she said, turning to look at him. “I didn’t regret it when I did it, and I refuse to regret it now because someone tells me I should. The Holiday Killer was a cancer on this city, and I got rid of it. I did what none of the others were willing to do.”

“What you did was illegal, Elizabeth. Do you realise that?”

Liz looked him in the eye. “Is it illegal to make the city safe, with no chance that the killer will come back, after he gets parole, or after so many appeals that the system gets bored of keeping him locked up? There’s only one thing to do to a sicko like him. Shoot him like the dog he is.”

Dr Saunders looked a little pale, but kept watching her. “Do you think that maybe you’re viewing this incident from a mother’s eyes, instead of the law’s?”

“When it comes to the sick fuck that killed and butchered my son, Howard, there is no difference.” She said it coldly, as though he’d irritated her. But she’d spent two years listening to everyone tell her the same thing. It was wrong, she shouldn’t have done it. But if it was their kid who was killed, they wouldn’t have hesitated.

“Then make me understand where you’re coming from. Tell me what you went through, what made you think that killing that man was the right thing to do.” Dr Saunders looked at his watch. “I have no more appointments today. Take as long as you want.”

Liz looked back out of the window, fingering the hilt of her gun where Dr Saunders couldn’t see. “It was a few days after Columbus Day, two years ago…”

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