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Random update.

Ladies and gents, hello. No, I haven’t died, I’m just working hard. And by working hard, I mean that I’ve had the last 3 Sundays off from work and I’m not looking forward to working it tomorrow. Joy.

Thinking about doing some writing tonight. First Peterson to comment gets a cameo!



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  1. I’m taking today off. No writing, no editing, no admin chores. Hubby and I are off for a hike, then I’ll do some gardening, and this evening we’ll sate our need for speed with F1 in Bahrain and Indycars in Long Beach. I’d love to get more of the deliciously subversive world you created in The Devil’s Wife.

    Comment by Nikki Andrews | April 21, 2013

  2. I work everyday, Holly. I should take a day off once in a while. Lately, there has been more on my plate making that impossible. Would love to read more of your writing as you are a beautiful writer.

    Comment by Kat Hall | April 21, 2013

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