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Everlasting Hunger Review/Guest Post

by Brandy Dorsch.



I don’t know when I finally decided that I was a writer.  When I was younger I wrote poetry and a few pieces were published.  I am a voracious reader and I have a photographic memory.  I remember when I was in high school several of my teachers told me I should try my hand at writing a novel.  So I did.  It was really bad.  I was about one hundred pages into it and realized that I had plagiarized a big part of it by accident.  I tossed it and decided that writing wasn’t my thing.  I spent the next 18 years reading anything and everything that came my way.

Last year I was selected as part of the Avon Addicts group.  This is a very select group that gets to review for Avon Publishing.  I was honored because some of my favorite writers are signed with Avon.  I have met some seriously awesome ladies and they convinced me to join them in November for National Novel Writing Month or NaNoWriMo.  I figured it would be fun and give me something to talk to them about.  Who knew that it would be the foundation for my life?

I wrote Everlasting Hunger during NaNo, and I never intended it to actually be published.  It was just something to do with the girls.  With the help of some of the best women in the world, it moved forward and was published in August.  While I know that my vampires are different than the usual suspects, I am happy with that.  We all see the world differently.  We don’t love people the same so my thought is this; why should all books be the same?

I hope you will take a chance on my boys and you can see into the hearts of these characters that I love so much.



Temptation, thy name is Ian Lochlan.

That was the thought running through Ellie Dawson’s head when her boss offered to escort her to a local vampire bar. Who would suspect that it was owned by him and that he would be the one to introduce her to all the pleasures of a vampire’s kiss?

Passion is a different beast when vampires are involved and Ellie faces love from two very sensual creatures. Tragedy strikes and Ian relinquishes her into the arms of his best friend – Jasper. Ellie struggles with the feelings aroused in her by both men but she knows nothing can stop the Hunger.

Can she survive loving two men and the past that continues to haunt her?



A sensual, sexy book covered in vampires and wonderful eternal creatures of the night. A reimagining of the popular vampire trope, with a soft, caring side – but don’t expect monogamy from these hunters, they’re after one thing and one thing only – blood.

The story draws you in and drags you along, and before you know it, you’re reaching the back page and wondering where the rest of the book is. Surely something this good would be longer?







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