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A day for updates

Well, it’s truly been one of those days. Matt and I are headed off for the Gold Coast come Sunday night (ABSOLUTELY cannot wait!), so I’ve been getting things in order for then. (To keep track of my adventures, like my FB page here. I’ll be posting photos and such from the trip as I go).

The first order of business was to get my ebay store organised and add in a few things from my garden, to go with the books and coins (if you like books or coins, check it out – you might just love it). Then I went out and did some actual gardening, including snipping herbs and removing the seed pods from my lemon myrtle tree. Doesn’t it look bare now!

I also collected the seeds from the cinnamon myrtle next to it (growing like a monster!), and I’m contemplating the wisdom of attacking the lemon myrtle bush growing behind the tree. They’re from the same planting, but somehow, one grew into a tree, the other into a bush. Go figure.

After I finished weeding my pot plants and harassing my strawberry plants 6 varieties, only 2 berries this year, huff), I reorganised and aligned Rhythem Poets. Keep an eye out over the coming months, I’ve gotten back into reading, so there’s going to be some definite reviewing going on!

picture175I think that’s pretty much it. Matthew’s off having a nap before work, I’ve lost almost 8kg in 5 weeks (and would lose much more if I could only stick to salad [never going to happen]), bringing me to a less-terrible 93.5kg.

Anyway, I’m off to water my plants and check the ants haven’t gotten into the orange on my 2-foot dwarf citrus tree. My first ever orange, I will be so mad if they have! Look how cute it is! It’s about 2in across.

UPDATE (you knew it was coming): I found out that both my dwarf navel orange and blood orange trees have a bad case of scale. Luckily, I already had a very big bottle of treatment for it (oil and soap does the trick), which happily killed the two nests of ants in its branches and roots.

I don’t like ants. At all. But I hate things that could eat my orange even more. Don’t mess with Garden Girl!

BTW, thinking about putting my dwarf navel into a child’s plastic 20L bin, on wheels (after the fruit is gone, of course). It should only grow to about 1m tall, less if I keep it trimmed. Thoughts?



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