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Project Wolf by Serena Walken – Review


Buy. Zoo. Execution. Roxie’s fate must be decided and Hero knows only too well that mankind fears what it doesn’t understand.
A werewolf romance with a strange twist.
Roxie doesn’t know why project wolves keep coming after her. Her hero is always there to stop them, but after a private confession, she never wants to see him again. Until she turns into a wolf with tiger colors.
Hero didn’t plan it. Scent overrode common sense that night with Roxie Malone. Instead of any shame though, Roxie didn’t remember the event. She blamed him for it and never wanted to see him again. Not even when he’s saving her.
As she becomes a wolf with strange colors though, Hero realizes she isn’t like him after all. Soon the whole world will too.
*Project Wolf is actually a story that happens one generation before the events of an apocalypse.

My Review:

Truely, a short, sweet story about love against odds, and the urge to protect. I found the ‘sexy’ version to be more fun to read than the ‘sweet’ one, with just a little bit more character development hidden on the sex than there had been without it.

A good, short ride book, able to be nibbled and swallowed in as little as a couple of hours. I would have loved a longer story, but I guess I will have to wait for the next one.


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  1. Thank you for the review, I am glad you enjoyed it. I have people say they like the original, some that get offended and others that don’t even see the difference so it’s always great to hear what others think. The second book will be longer though so i hope you enjoy it.

    Comment by Serena Walken | April 28, 2014

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