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From the Depths by James Haroldson – Review


When Cameron Bishop III encounters something inhuman and horrible while working as a pool boy, he is suddenly tasked with saving the world from an evil older than the Earth itself. Working against him is the Order, a cult of unimaginable power and wealth led by an enigmatic madman. With his friends and family starting to believe that Cam may be going crazy, can he stop the plans of an ancient evil and its worshipers before they resurrect a living, breathing god bent on the destruction of life as we know it?

My Review:

It’s hard to fault this book on much – its pace was such that i knocked over the last half in less time than it took to get through the first 10%. The idea of the Sea Monster crawling its way from the stone drawings of history to attack Arkham was delivered so well that I really didn’t see the ending coming.

The story left on a poignant note, a real heart-jerker after the stresses of the previous scenes. You have to feel sorry for Cam and the survivors – they went through hell, gained a few scars, and now they have to continue like nothing happened. Not a situation I wish to be in!


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