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Wanderamid’s Crystal Ball by I V Phillips – Review Pending

A devious young girl, Devilea, tricks Emera, the powerful witch of Wanderamid, stealing her crystal ball and sending her through to another dimension. For the past three years, Emera has been living as Ms. Biddock, the principal of Whilom Elementary.
On the last day of school, Emera crosses paths with Rena Winterton, a student who, soon after, discovers her hidden identity. To prevent Rena from revealing her long kept secret, Emera recites an incantation that will send Rena away to retrieve the clear stone she believes can bring her  home, Wanderamid’s Crystal Ball. However, when the chosen spell emerges, Emera is surprised to see Rena already has it in her possession! She attempts to stop the spell, but her powers fail. It’s too late! The summoning has begun and for Rena, an unexpected journey begins.
An electrifying force directs her through a portal, leading to future encounters, as she ventures into an unfamiliar world. In this world between many, curses, revenge and magic delay Rena’s search for her intended destination, the entryway back to her home town, Whilom.

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Review Pending.

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Regardless of the weather, she closed her eyes and concentrated only on the sounds of the lake flowing past her and the leaves falling from the trees behind. At that time, it was the perfect place to be and she could have stayed there forever.

Suddenly, without any hint, there was a rumbling sound of thunder quickly followed by another! Rena opened her eyes and saw the clouds hanging low, covering the treetops across from the lake. She stood with her eyes glued to the sky. Before taking the first step leading back to the beginning of the dock, it began to pour! She was instantly drenched before she began to run towards her final leap off.

A boulder inscribed with huge letters that read ’Fountain Lake Park’ was in her path. She tried to avoid running into it, but it was too late, as she stumbled and bumped her forehead hard against it, plummeting into the muddy ground.

There her lifeless body lay unconscious, under the pouring rain.


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