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Sean Lusher Interview


Trent Stone and Drake Winters are best friends, brothers-in-arms and career mercenaries. After a particularly dangerous job, they head to an isolated space station for a bit of rest and relaxation. But their vacation gets cut short as a mysterious man in a business suit and a hulking woman in body armor show up, offering them the job of a lifetime.

The pay is incredible. They’ll have access to whatever they want: guns, gear, armor. The only catch is that their job will take them, and a team of highly trained mercenaries, to the edge of known space, to a frozen world housing a mysterious research colony.

What will they do when they get there? The man hiring them refuses to say. But something is waiting for them, out there in the darkness, something of ancient, immense power.



  1. Why didn’t you become a policeman instead of a writer?
    There’s an entire laundry list of reasons for that particular one. I’m actually not really for violence in the real world, despite the fact that at this point I’ve probably killed hundreds of  thousands in my written works. I’m also more likely to shoot myself in the foot than someone else if push came to shove. On top of that, I’m not really prone to physical activity. I’m an introvert and I like to take it easy. Probably the most crucial reason is something along the lines of what Stephen King answered when he was asked why he wrote horror: “What makes you think I have a choice?”
  2. If you could only tell one story in your life, what would it be?
    That is an incredibly difficult question. Honestly, I’d probably try to game whatever brutal, unreasonable system was trying to impose this question on me and write some kind of endless Sci-Fi/Action serial fiction piece so that whenever the authorities came around and asked, “Are you done yet!?” I’d happily respond, “Getting there, getting there. You know how these serial fiction pieces are…they seem to go on forever.”
  3. Apples or pears?
    Neither. I’d very much rather have a burrito. With ground beef.  And lots of cheese and taco sauce.
  4. Which of your own characters would you like to meet and why?
    Another tough question. Probably none of them, because they all have some kind of serious problem and most of them have been forced to endure a twisted nightmare of an existence where they can’t even remember what a normal life looked like, let alone the last time they had a chance to just sit down and take a break for five minutes. If I really had to choose, though, it’d probably be Jared Collins, the protagonist of my Sci-Fi short Final Message. And why? Because he’s the most like me, sad though that may seem to those who have read the piece.
  5. How would you like the world to end?
    All at once with no warning. Probably just a black hole to come and suck it up in an instant or some kind of bomb that instantly vaporized the entire thing.  That way there isn’t a lot of waiting around and absolute terror.
  6. Which genre do you wish you could write, and why?
    I suppose paranormal romance, since it seems to sell so well (I know, I know, everyone says that, but it’s true from my point of view). It’d be nice to have a series of paranormal romances out, earning me lots of income, so I could focus on writing Sci-Fi/Action/Horror at my own leisure without constantly freaking out that I’m not going fast enough.
  7. You’re stuck on an island with only three things: A knife, a match and a stick. What would you do to survive?
    Nothing. I’d die.
  8. Which of the following would you rather have stalking you through the night: A vampire, a werewolf, or Stephen King?
    Stephen King, without a doubt. I’m pretty sure I could turn the tables on him and force him to sign a few of my books.
  9. Who is the best villain you’ve ever read, and why?
    Probably the omnipresent military collective in Catch-22. There’s something so absolutely, perfectly nightmarish about them. They hold all the cards. They can’t be beaten, negotiated with or stopped. They hide behind rules and regulations. There’s no one person calling the shots, but instead a collection of blameless men who are just ‘following orders’. That’s probably one of the scariest situations of all: an over-bloated, runaway power with the ability to impose any rule without fear of retaliation and no one to pin the blame on.



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