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State of Infection by Michael J. Frey – Review


Just months before the Battle of Central Park and the onset of the Second Civil War, President Obama declares martial law in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut as Montoya’s encephalopathy spreads. Despite the military’s best efforts, the government falls and Manhattan is reborn as a city-state under a military dictatorship. Survivors Mike Calaf, and Avalon Calendar struggle to survive, caught between the zombies and the new ruler of New York. But long before the zombie infection, during the First Civil War, Doctor William Jackson (of the Confederate States of America) is trying to unravel the mystery behind this strange new sickness. He knows that if Complex P fails to work, there could be devastating consequences which might influence the future of mankind.


My Review:

State of Infection would have been a great book, if I had read it before the wave of Zombie media was released. It has everything that a good zombie book needs (smart characters, suspension, buildup), but the story, the actions, it’s all rather well-rehearsed and overdone.

If you like zombie stories, you’ll love State of Infection.


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  1. Why didn’t you become a policeman instead of a writer?

I think I would love to have been a policeman, maybe even a detective, but I guess other things got in the way. In the end, I would categorize myself as a doctor and writer. Maybe in my next lifetime I will become a cop and fight the zombies when they come.

  1. If you could only tell one story in your life, what would it be?

The story of the sequel to State of Infection, which should be coming soon.

  1. Apples or pears?

I ate eight pair of pears.

  1. Which of your own characters would you like to meet and why?

I would like to meet Castor Dean, who is the ruler of New York City, after the apocalypse. I can’t decide if he is a good guy or a not so good guy. In his pre-apocalypse days, Castor was a high ranking soldier in the army. He gets tapped by President Obama to be the military governor for New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. From there, he kinda takes over. But he is loyal to his friends and loves his wife. I think Castor struggles himself, with his urges and his desire to do good. If the story continues into another book, Castor will definitely take on a larger role.

  1. How would you like the world to end?

Zombie Apocalypse, for sure!! Can’t wait.

  1. Which genre do you wish you could write, and why?

Humour, because it is truly the hardest thing to write funny. I have given it a try in the past, with disastrous results.

  1. You’re stuck on an island with only three things: A knife, a match and a stick. What would you do to survive?

Start swimming.

  1. Which of the following would you rather have stalking you through the night: A vampire, a werewolf, or Stephen King?

Stephen King, cause I would have to stop him and pick his brain. Stephen King is my favorite author. Why, cause his work is so entertaining…some of his work. He puts out so much of it. King is the textbook definition of a writer, and has an immensely prodigious output. I guess when you create that much prose, they can’t all be winners. In truth, I have put some of his books down, unfinished (ex: Lisey’s Story). Others have kept me thoroughly entertained and have very much influenced my writing (ex: Cell).

  1. Who is the best villain you’ve ever read, and why?

Probably Randall Flagg in Stephen King’s The Stand. One of the most clever, evil masterminds of them all.



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On Her Watch by Rie Warren – Promo


The year is 2071 and all hell has broken loose. As the government tries to control the territories that were once the United States, an armed rebellion erupts . . .

AWOL from her military post, Lieutenant Liz Grant will do anything for the rebels she now calls friends. Her latest mission: return to the Beta Corps army and obtain classified information that could turn the battle in the revolutionaries’ favor. There’s only one problem: Commander Linc Cutler.

Strong, coldly handsome, and always in control, Linc is perplexed by the beautiful soldier brought in for questioning. He doesn’t know if he believes her explanation for why she went missing. He only knows his intense sexual desire for her cannot be denied.


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