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Wendigo by Jeremy Terry – Review


When Forensic Anthropologist Dr. Stacy Nelson and her team of researchers were called to work an excavation site on a remote island in the Arctic Circle she never expected it would be the adventure of her life. That all changed with the arrival of a stranger at their camp, a stranger with tales of shadows lurking in the dark. His friend is missing and he needs Stacy and her research team’s help to find him before it is too late. What they will find on their journey will change the world. That is, if it doesn’t kill them first…

My Review:

The idea of the undead – be they zombie, vampire or wendigo – surviving the cold of the arctic completely destroys my Zombie Survival Plan. I always intended to flee south to the penguins and let the cold keep the dead from walking near me. But I digress.

This is a chilling tale of discovery, both amazing and haunting, in the ice fields of the Arctic. While i’m used to horror stories having a high casualty rate, i wasn’t really prepared for the amount of dead in this book.

You’ll be wonderfully frightened by this book. Sleep with a light on, your kitchen knife under your pillow, and try not to think of that branch scratching the window… The wendigo walk at night, after all…


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