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The Camellia Resistance by AR Williams – Review


The Camellias is a trilogy set in the New Republic of America. It all starts with Willow Carlyle, a committed employee of the Ministry of Health.When she gives into temptation in the fall of 2044, she is completely unprepared for the consequences. Unemployed and isolated, Willow struggles to make sense of her sudden downfall. An encounter with a member of the Camellias, a resistance group living outside the bounds of Ministry-approved regulation, immerses her in a world she didn’t know existed.As Willow learns more about her personal history, she uncovers a secret that rocks the Ministry of Health to its core.

My Review:
The Camellia Resistance is a fast-paced book in the general theme and thought of George Orwell’s 1984. Certain elements of society are tagged and monitored at all times, ridiculed and persecuted, based on some aspect of themselves they cannot help or change. The main character finds herself thrown into chaos, from the life she knew, and into the very people she actively worked against.
While the book is highly synonymous to the Orwell title, there are enough differences to make this book it’s own title. From the Resistance to the personalities, this is a thrilling book with enough action to keep you hooked.

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