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Crowdfunding a Comic

Hey guys, 

While Matt’s down-and-out, he’s decided it’s time for him to create one of his favourite things – a comic book – and he’s using one of my books to do it! So, if you have a spare $2-3 in the budget this month (or more, we’re not fussy), head over to the Kickstarter page and pledge.

What book are we converting? Blood Moon. We’re calling it “The Battle of the Blood Moon”, the book’s original title. Look, we even have a cover(ish): 

Cover Concept!

Cover Concept!


Two things to keep in mind though:

1. It’s in Australian Dollars which means my US friends will (at writing) only be paying 93c to every dollar they pledge. Make you feel good? You’re saving money AND helping us out!

2. If we don’t get the $2,500 we’re asking, you don’t pay anything at all. I can’t stress that enough. If we don’t hit our goal, we don’t get anything – meaning you don’t spend any money at all!

3. You can elect to receive stuff for pledging to us! Everything from a simple ‘thank you’ email, to copies of the comic, and even an appearance in one! If we get funded, you get the goods! How awesome is that?

So go on, what’s $2 worth to you? It could be the difference between getting this comic together…or not. Hitch a ride over and pledge. Make a little boy’s dreams come true.


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